Council officers help stack sandbags for a vulnerable resident

Flooding Update

The recent flood warnings and alerts for Teddington, Hampton, Hampton Wick and Trowlock Island have now been stood down (24 February 2014).

Residents are reminded to sign up to the Environment Agency e-alert system to keep informed of any changes to this.This web page will also be updated should the situation change.

Council Support

Richmond Council has been actively helping residents affected and is ready to activate local emergency plans, should the threat from flooding increase.

The Council is working closely with key partners – including London Fire, local Police, the Environment Agency and local flood wardens - to monitor the situation and should the risk of flooding increase, additional emergency plans are in place to ensure the safety of vulnerable residents and the protection of vital local services. The Council is continuing to review each of the ‘at risk’ areas and are adding to sandbag reserves so that should the flood risk increase, those in need can be supported.

In order to assist with these plans, the Council is encouraging residents to not only sign up to the e-updates from the Environment Agency but to also monitor the local tide times.

Emergency Help

If you are concerned about flooding, please call: 020 8891 1411

However, if you are in a life threatening situation, dial the emergency services on 999.


While local authorities have no statutory obligation to provide material for flood protection, Richmond Council is continuing to review each of the ‘at risk’ areas and are currently adding to sandbag reserves so that those most in need can be supported over the coming days.

The Council needs to prioritise those areas most at risk. When stocks of sandbags are at a level where were can protect essential infrastructure, those identified in the most ‘at risk’ areas who require support will receive sandbags by the weekend (15 February). If you are not in one of those high risk areas, you should also consider measures that you can take in advance to prepare for any flooding. You could buy your own sandbags from builders' merchants, or use growbags, bin liners or plastic bags filled with earth, which can also be effective in keeping water out.Sandbags are not the only form of flood protection equipment.

In a flooding emergency, Richmond Council will give sandbag delivery priority to vulnerable residents.

How can I find out more?

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Updated: 21 March 2014