Memorial seats in cemeteries

A seat can be purchased and dedicated to the memory of a friend or relative at any of our cemeteries , subject to space. Memorial seats can be purchased by anyone.

Purchasing a seat in a cemetery

The dedicated seats are for use by all who visit the cemetery. A location for the seat will be identified by the cemeteries staff. If there is a certain area you would like the seat to be placed, please let us know. We will try to find a location that is suitable, as near as possible to your request. There are a limited number of spaces suitable for seats, and these may need to be moved in the future should burial space become limited.

The seat must be purchased through the Cemeteries Office and the cost includes the purchase and fixing of the seat. The memorial seat will last an average of ten years.

Please advise us of your required inscription. We will then obtain a quote from our suppliers, with a proof of the wording. Once you are happy with the proof (which can be amended as often as necessary), the seat will be ordered and your cheque will be requested.


The exact price of the seat will depend on the amount of inscription, and will be confirmed to you before the seat is ordered.

Cheques should be made payable to The London Borough of Richmond, but this will not be required until the seat is ordered.

Check our fees page for current prices.

Make an application

Download the memorial seat application form(pdf, 54KB), or contact the Cemetery Office if you need further information.

Memorial seats in parks

For seats in parks, please see the memorial seats in parks page.

Updated: 1 October 2014