Purchased graves

If you require a new private grave for a burial, you can purchase a Deed of the Exclusive Right of Burial for an initial period of fifty years. The Deed period can be extended for a fee. Contact the Cemetery Office and they will advise you of the costs.

Rights of the owner

  • The owner of these Rights has the automatic right to be buried in the grave (space permitting).
  • Any memorial work on the grave must be approved by the owner.
  • Following the first burial, a Deed will be issued to the owner. The Deed should be kept safe as it will be needed if a further burial or a transfer of grave ownership is required.
  • Graves cannot be purchased in advance, although you can reserve a grave for five years.
  • If the owner dies, no further burials or changes to existing memorials can take place until a new owner is registered.

View the cemetery fees page for a list of charges.

Contact the Cemeteries Team

We are open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm, excluding Public Holidays, Christmas and New Year.

The Cemetery Office

East Sheen Cemetery,
Sheen Road,
TW10 5BJ

Email: cemeteries@richmond.gov.uk
Telephone: 020 8876 4511

Updated: 4 April 2014