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COVID-19 continues to impact us all. Volunteer as a COVID-19 Community Champion to help make sure everyone in Richmond upon Thames understands how to keep safe during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Community Champions are residents in Richmond upon Thames who help keep people aware, informed and up-to-date with the information they need to stay safe and healthy. This could be by having conversations, through Facebook or WhatsApp groups, Zoom calls, or any way that suits you.

By having and sharing clear information, you will empower your friends, family and community to make informed choices that may save lives.

Who can sign up

Anyone who lives in the borough can become a COVID-19 Community Champion. You could be a young person, older resident, parent, essential worker, carer, someone who is shielding etc. You just need to be willing to help share accurate information to keep other people safe!

What's involved

You will be fully supported to carry out your role. We will give you the information and messages to share. The information will be shared via email, WhatsApp or Facebook, and you can choose how you would like to receive these updates. There is no need to have any training – simply sign up and start helping!

To help raise awareness of COVID-19 Community Champions, we ask that you are willing to supply videos and photos of your experiences of COVID-19 for us to share with residents via our own channels. You will be guided through this process.

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If this sounds like something you would like to do, please register your interest to become a COVID-19 Community Champion by completing the quick online form below. It takes 5 minutes to complete. Once your registration is processed, you will start receiving information.

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Code of conduct

By signing up, you are agreeing to a code of conduct, which commits you to:

  • Only circulating information or advice that has only come directly from the Council, NHS or the Government
  • Not making any political statements in respect of the coronavirus arrangements or vaccine
  • Not debating the merits of the guidance – if someone is incorrect, simply signpost to the correct information. This is to ensure that key messages are not undermined
  • Not applying personal interpretations to the guidance. If people are in doubt, they can ask for clarification

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If you have any questions, please contact

Updated: 04 February 2021

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