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Drug and alcohol support

If you need support with drug or alcohol use, or are worried about someone else, there is a wide range of free services which may be able to help.

Confidential treatment options include advice, assessment and counselling.

Richmond DrinkChecker

DrinkChecker was created to help people to understand more about alcohol and its effects.

The website has an alcohol drink check test to support residents to recognise if drinking is harming their health, signposting to advice, support and treatment if necessary.

How to get help

You can be referred to local services by your GP or other health or social care professional. You can also refer yourself using the contact details below.

Richmond Community Drug and Alcohol Service (RCDAS)

Telephone: 020 3228 3020

COVID-19 update April 2021

The core site at Ilex House is open during usual business hours, but groups remain temporarily paused, and although limiting face-to-face contacts to those that are essential, continue to offer on-going support by phone. RCDAS are still able to assess new people but again this will be by phone in the first instance as far as possible, so walk ins will be asked to provide a number and will be called back at an agreed time.

Onsite RCDAS will be prioritising three essential elements of treatment:

  • Opiate substitution therapy (methadone and buprenorphine prescribing)
  • Needle Exchange
  • Treatment of alcohol and GBL dependence

For those stable on prescribed medications, RCDAS will continue with current approach of case by case and will ensure treatment is continued if someone is self-isolating or quarantined.

Workers usually providing satellite clinics at GP surgeries are slowly re-integrating back into these clinics.  Volunteers remain offsite with this is being continually reviewed as restrictions change.

For all those receiving phone support this will  continue to be supplemented by virtual offers such as Breaking Free Online free of charge. RCDAS are looking into further online options for some of the groups that have paused and will circulate full details of remote support options as soon as possible. RCDAS are continually assessing how and when we can bring back face to face groups safely and will update on this accordingly.

RCDAS are aware that reduced face to face contact will cause anxiety for some people, however, please be reassured that our aim is to offer continuity where possible whilst protecting vulnerable user groups and it remains our highest priority.

Contact details

If you are working with someone that you are concerned about or if you are concerned about yourself, or a friend or family member, please contact RCDAS on 020 3228 3020 or email

You can also visit the We are with you webchat for additional support between 5pm and 10pm.

Other services

Talk To Frank offers a confidential helpline for anyone in the UK concerned about drug use.

Updated: 28 May 2021

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