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Author: Cllr Neden Watts
Title: Vice-chair, Environment, Sustainability, Culture and Sports Services Committee

Many of us have implemented changes to our daily life and are trying to make the best of things as the days go by, each of us in our own way wondering how we can contribute to our communities.

With options limited, it may seem natural to cast around for useful things to do in the confines of home - maybe clear out some cupboards or empty the shed. But just a word of caution: as in every other sector, waste and recycling staff are working under very different constraints from usual.

To keep regular core waste and recycling services on track, residents can help by following the Council's guidelines on this page. Please don't put out the results of a major clear-out for kerbside collection, but hang on to unwanted items until we return to something more like normality.

Please continue to separate recyclable items from the residual rubbish, as this will help us to ensure that we continue to keep items out of landfill. If too much unseparated residual rubbish starts to flow into the system, it will be harder to manage effectively, and take longer to return to normal. There may be environmental as well as financial costs.

But right now, as I think about the frontline refuse collectors and how hard they are working within more stringent and difficult operational guidelines, I would just like to offer them a heartfelt thank you. Thank you for persevering, and for playing your crucial part in holding our society together.

My family have put a rainbow in the window to say thank you - but can you be even more creative? How about creating a thank you card out of some of your recyclable paper and card? Leave it on top of your recycling boxes and we'll ask our crews to share some of their favourites with us.


Updated: 22 April 2020

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