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Partial reopening

Due to a major fire, the centre will opening at a reduced capacity until further notice. This will also impact what you can bring to recycle. 

Visiting the centre

Unfortunately we will be operating at less than 50% capacity while works continue to make the area where the fire took place safe and compliant for re-opening. This means we cannot guarantee you will get a slot as soon as you might hope for.

This also means that we will be limiting the types of waste we are accepting. Unfortunately we will not be accepting cardboard and paper at Townmead Road while we run at limited capacity.

The centre is currently closed to trade visitors. Traders should use alternative sites and check terms and conditions before visiting.

Other ways of recycling and disposing of waste

If you are unable to store your waste until you can visit Townmead Road, there are some other options:

  • Use one of the Community Reuse and Recycle Schemes: exchange unwanted items, upcycle furniture or recycle textiles.
  • Book a bulky waste collection: We are offering a temporary 50% discount on full price bulk collection charges due to Townmead closure. The discount is not applicable to already reduced charges. 
  • Book at an alternative site.
  • Visit one of the borough’s 60 recycling sites. This will be the best place to recycle cardboard and paper. To help ensure these sites can take as much recycling as possible and remain tidy, please flatten/squash your cardboard and only leave it in the correct bin.

Do not leave items on the street - this is fly-tipping, which is a serious crime and could lead to large fines.

Booking at an alternative site

Whilst the centre is closed, waste can be taken to other West London recycling sites

You must book to visit one of these sites - a prior booking for Townmead Road does not guarantee you entry. 

Different sites have different terms and conditions and there may be charges for certain types of waste. Please check details thoroughly before booking your visit.

You can book at:

Richmond residents are unable to use the Wandsworth and Kingston tips as they are in a different Greater London waste authority area.

Updated: 06 September 2021