Plastic recycling

All household plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays can be recycled as long as they did not contain pesticides or motor oil and are not contaminated with food waste. Please note that we cannot recycle plastic bags or films, only clean, rigid containers.

What to recycle

Remember to rinse and squash plastic bottles before recycling them. This saves room in your recycling box and on the collection lorries. Screw any tops back on after squashing bottles as this will stop them from returning to their original shape.

We can recycle We can't recycle
Plastic household cleaner and detergent bottles Plastic shopping bags or film
Plastic milk bottles Crisp packets or sweet wrappers
Plastic juice bottles Shrink or bubble wrap
Plastic soft drink and water bottles Plastic toys
Plastic shampoo/shower gel bottles Polystyrene packing or beads
Plastic food trays CDs/DVDs or cases
Plastic yoghurt pots Cable ties
Plastic margarine and ice-cream tubs Garden pots
Plastic cups

For more about plastic codes or plastic recycling in general, visit recyclenow.

Other plastics

At this time we are unable to recycle other types of plastic. This is because:

  • To ensure value for money, councils are able to recycle more plastic per pound spent on the recycling scheme by collecting plastic containers only
  • Collecting plastic containers only reduces contamination from different types of plastic and ensures high grade material that can be recycled
  • Plastic containers are relatively dense and compact which enables them to be easily sorted mechanically, into the different types of plastics. Plastic film and bags are not easily mechanically sorted making them very costly to sort

Plastic film and bags are much more likely to be contaminated with food waste and as a result market demand for these mixed plastics is currently limited and less secure.

Updated: 29 June 2017