The Local Area Fund is intended to support local initiatives, helping launch new ideas and developing projects to make a positive difference to our borough.

Please note that it may take up to 16 weeks to provide a decision on a grant application whilst the Grants Team are responding to increased demands around the Cost of Living crisis. In exceptional cases we may we able process grant applications more quickly.

Introducing the Local Area Fund

Through this fund we want to work with local people and organisations to improve their local community. We are open to innovative ideas that reflect local priorities and support residents to make Richmond a vibrant and sustainable place to live. Each ward area has an available budget of £10,000.

Fund priorities

Proposed projects need to relate to one or more of the fund priorities and you will need to tell us how your project will help to achieve this priority.  

  • Enabling local people to develop, agree and deliver their own responses to local issues and building stronger communities 
  • Making public places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive 
  • Supporting local initiatives that address the causes of climate change and minimise the environmental impact of carbon, waste and pollution to protect the future of our borough and our planet. 
  • Initiatives that promote the vitality of our town and neighbourhood centres 
  • Widening participation in sports and physical activity 
  • Enhancing the artistic and cultural offer and protecting the borough’s heritage 
  • Improving health and wellbeing 
  • Crime prevention 
  • Improvements to community assets and the physical realm

Develop your idea

Any individual, local group or organisation applying to the Local Area Fund should first consider if they are ready to apply for funding. Potential applicants should consider if they have:

  • Consulted with the local community
  • Identified a need for the project
  • Developed a coherent project plan
  • Researched the budget
  • Obtained any necessary permissions
  • Assessed any risks in relation to the project
  • Considered safeguarding implications
  • Identified a partner organisation if applying as an individual or un-constituted group

The Project Toolkit (pdf, 5.0 MB) has been developed to help residents and local groups set-up new community projects and enable them to apply for local funding opportunities, including the Local Area Fund.

The booklet guides residents through the different steps involved in creating a community project and aims to make it easier for residents and local groups to get their projects ready to apply for funding.

Potential applicants are encouraged to use the toolkit to develop their idea, before applying for funding.

Get advice and support

  • Richmond CVS offers advice and support to community organisations on how to build up project ideas and plan for future funding
  • Habitats & Heritage provides specialist strategic support to the environmental voluntary sector
  • Sport Richmond offers advice and resources to clubs, voluntary sports organisations and athletes to promote sport and physical recreation
  • Richmond Business Hub provides an online portal of resources support, advice and guidance which is useful for social enterprises

Initial councillor endorsement

Please get in touch with one of your local ward councillors to discuss your project idea and what difference it will make to the ward. Find your local ward councillor.

If a ward councillor is supportive of your project they can indicate whether they think the project has merit for their ward and provide an initial endorsement as part of your application. Please be aware that this will not guarantee that a project will be successfully funded. Each application will be carefully assessed against a range of criteria including if there are sufficient funds available before we are able to make a decision. As part of the application process, applicants can indicate whether they have discussed their project idea with ward councillors.

Next steps

For individuals and groups who are not looking to apply for funding at this stage but would like to share their idea with us, for improving their community, please share your bright ideas. Our Community Engagement Team will get in touch to provide advice and guidance on how to take the idea forward.

If you would like to apply for a grant and find out how to submit an application, please apply to the Local Area Fund.

For further details about successful projects which have received a grant from the Local Area Fund, please view previous awards. This page also shows which Council wards are currently 'open' for accepting applications and the amount of funding available for the ward.


If you would like further information and guidance, please contact the Local Area Fund on 020 8487 5259 or email

Updated: 02 November 2022

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