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Find out about Civic Pride Fund grants awarded in Kew.

Grants awarded
Group Total Date Details

Combination Dance (Registered Charity No. 1123954)

£4,959 August 2020

The organisation received funding dance workshops in schools and a dance walk on the theme of climate change.

The Kew Society (Charity registration number: 1173016)

£5,000 December 2019

The organisation received funding towards bulbs, flowing perennials and shrubs to transform a grassed area of St Anne’s churchyard, into a colourful planted area, welcoming to all.

Art and Soul (Charity registration number: 11732680) £4,982 June 2019 The organisation received funding towards their studio programme, Art House exhibition and World Mental Health Day event to support people with differing mental health issues.
KewTW9 Association £450 January 2019 The group received funding towards improvements to their website which will make it easier for local groups to upload information, to present news and information more clearly, make it more accessible on mobile phones and to allow local businesses to publicise appropriate services and events.
Combination Dance  (Charity registration number: 1123954) £4,975 November 2018 The organisation funding towards the development of a locally inspired dance, sport and history project linked to the centenary of British Suffrage and WWI.
West London River Group £5,000 March 2018 The organisation received funding to install 2 or more new seats and bases along the Towpath on the London Borough of Richmond side of the River Thames.

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Updated: 09 November 2020

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