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Find out about Civic Pride Fund grants awarded in Heathfield.

Grants awarded
Group Total Date Details

Homelink Day Respite Care Centre (Registered Charity No. 1047856)

£750 November 2019 The applicant received funding for three benches and cushions for the communal garden.

Intergenerational Music Making (Community Interest Company number: 11596360)

£5,000 August 2019 The organisation received funding towards weekly intergenerational music workshops for a year for 15 children and 15 older people with Dementia in five areas of the borough
London Wildlife Trust  (Charity registration number: 283895) £3,870 March 2019 The organisation received funding towards the Crane Park Island Trail Project. This will make the trail more accessible to children and those with disabilities.
Friends of the River Crane Environment (FORCE) (Charity registration number: 1155971) £5,000 December 2018 The organisation received funding towards winter conservation skills courses for local people and, in particular, young people from a local sixth form. Activities will be led by volunteers from a second charitable organisation, The Conservation Volunteers (TCV).
Combination Dance  (Charity registration number: 1123954) £4,975 November 2018 The organisation funding towards the development of a locally inspired dance, sport and history project linked to the centenary of British Suffrage and WWI.
Richmond Environmental Information Centre (Charity registration number: 1129804) £3,721 August 2018 The organisation received funding to install an information board to commemorate the Mereway Bathing Place: the first organised swimming area on the Twickenham side of the Borough of Twickenham.

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Updated: 13 September 2021

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