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Find out about Civic Pride Fund grants awarded in Barnes.

Grants awarded
Group Total Date Details
Combination Dance (Registered Charity No. 1123954) £4,959 August 2020 The organisation received funding dance workshops in schools and a dance walk on the theme of climate change.
West London River Group £5,000 June 2019 The organisation received funding towards the installation of trees, bird and bat boxes along the wooded towpath alongside the Thames and Leg of Mutton Pond.
Dance West (Charity registration number: 117424) £4,990

March 2019

The organisation received funding to run 40, one hour dance sessions for older people. These will be held at Age UK day centres in Whitton and Barnes (20 sessions in each location) and 20 people can take part in each session.
Combination Dance  (Charity registration number: 1123954) £4,975

November 2018

The organisation funding towards the development of a locally inspired dance, sport and history project linked to the centenary of British Suffrage and WWI.
West London River Group £5,000

March 2018

The organisation received funding to install two or more new seats and bases along the Towpath on the London Borough of Richmond side of the River Thames.
Barn Elms Sports Trust (Charity registration number: 1135370) £2,500 December 2017 The organisation received funding towards the installation of fencing around their athletics track at the London Marathon Pavilion in Queen Elizabeth’s Walk.  The meshed one metre high fence will replace a 20 year old railing and make the track look presentable. Fencing will also enclose the track to make it more user friendly for Schools and athletics user groups as well as deterring geese from entering the area.
Barnes Community Association (Charity registration number: 1156379) £4,500 June 2017 The organisation received funding towards the purchase of five signs to be located at the two stations, the river, a location in Upper Barnes and at the Wetlands Centre.   When you arrive at Barnes Station there is no clear signage as to how to get to the village/attractions and many visitors get lost.  These signs will bring more people into Barnes.

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Updated: 09 November 2020

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