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Grants awarded
Group Total Date Details

Richmond Music Trust

(Charity registration number: 1090623)

£2,200 December 2017

The organisation received funding towards hosting a European Youth Orchestra to rehearse and perform in Twickenham to celebrate 40 years of twinning Richmond and Fontainebleau.

The European Youth Orchestra has 65 members with 30 participants travelling from Music schools in Fontainebleau, Konstanz and Lodi, alongside the Richmond Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Off the Record

(Charity registration number: 8466382)

£5,000 November 2017

The organisation received funding towards the internal refurbishment of their premises including paying for the carpets and towards the cost of furniture, moveable fittings and fire alarms. They have operated drop-in counselling, information and sexual health services for young people aged 11-24 years from the building for the past 23 years.

Richmond Brass Band

£5,000 November 2017

The organisation received funding to revive the Richmond Brass Band which was disbanded in the 1980’s. The aim is to launch and operationalise a community group in the form of a brass band.

The group will digitise historical material relating to the band (1937-1983) and make it available online. This will include, sound recordings, images and recollections from former band members, providing not only a history of the band but a social commentary on the borough over time.

Rehearsals will take place in Twickenham for up to 40 local people, bringing them together in a new community to play and socialise. The band’s first engagement is for Twickenham’s British Legion Remembrance day service.

Digital works

(Charity registration number: 124659)

£3,000 November
The grant helped to fund an oral history project of Eel Pie Island. Local older people will receive training in research techniques and will interview Eel Pie Island residents and research the island to produce a film, blog and website of their findings.
Eel Pie Island Museum CIC £5,000 June 2015

The Eel Pie Island Museum has received funding to help set up a pop up exhibition based on the history of Eel Pie Island.

There will be a mixture of images, memorabilia, actual objects and audio visual displays. The exhibit will take place at Twickenham Library.

Kids Run Free

(Charity registration number: 1146636)

£360 May 2016 The organisation received funds to cover the hire of Marble Hill Park, for free monthly running events for children.
Orleans House Gallery £5,000 May 2016

The organisation received funding towards outreach sessions and a professional performance programme, as part of a ‘Capability Carnival’. The Carnival celebrated the 300th anniversary of the birth of landscape architect Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. Attractions included a procession of costumes and props, as well as music, performance, food and other activities.

The event brought people of all ages together to create, celebrate and take pride in the place they live. It also offered the opportunity to learn about the history and heritage of Richmond, helping people to strengthen their sense of place in the borough and take pride in their community.

Residents of Perryn Court £1,000 December
The grant was used to purchase fixed outdoor furniture for Perryn Court (sheltered housing for people over 60 years old consisting of 22 flats) to place in a shared space to enable residents to socialise outside of group sessions or visits to individual flats.
Survivors Tae Kwon Do £1,840 December
The grant was used towards the provision of protective equipment for Tae Kwon Do classes at Heatham House Community Hall, Twickenham. These classes are run in conjunction with the British Tae Kwon Do control Board with the aim of getting young people into the national team.
267 Squadron £2,959 October

The organisation received funding towards the purchase of an interactive white board to enable them to offer the highest standard of training to the squadron, as well as saving training materials for future use and emailing information and handouts to cadets.

Initial training using the whiteboard marked the 100th anniversary of WW1 by delivering training to 52 cadets to raise awareness of the experiences of people in the RAFA and the Royal British Legion during the war.

Orleans House Gallery £5,000 July 2015

The gallery received funding to assist with the cost of a transport themed art exhibition, made by children for other children.

There was a series of workshops open to children and young people. The art pieces created in the workshops formed part of the exhibition. A competition was also run providing school children an opportunity to design an imaginary vehicle.

Twickenham Town Business Association £500 November
The organisation received funding towards hanging flags in and around Twickenham town centre, to welcome both the local community and visiting supporters of the Rugby World Cup. The flags represented each of the countries that played in Twickenham based Rugby World cup matches.

Popes Grotto Preservation Trust

(Charity registration number: 1162424)

£3,900 August

The organisation received funding to create a pop-up exhibition, to engage the local community in a recently launched project focussing on the restoration of the Grotto created by the celebrated Enlightenment poet, Alexander Pope.

The exhibition used images from the Borough’s Art Collection and Local Studies explaining the roles of Pope, his Grotto and Twickenham in the great changes in landscape design and literature of the 18th Century.

Twickenham Rowing Club


The Club received funding to carry out renovations to the outdoor area of the Hard. The project benefited the members of the Club, other water sports groups that use the Club and the local community. Additionally, the project provides safe river access for those with mobility difficulties as the improvements include a disabled access ramp. Priorities 1 and 6 of the Civic Pride Fund were met.
Octagon Club £5,000 November
The Club organised an arts project, centred on World War One, specifically for young people with additional needs. To increase the public awareness about the Club and improve membership numbers, taster sessions were delivered at three schools. The project met priorities 2 and 4 of the Civic Pride Fund.
Eel Pie Island Club for Stand Up Paddleboarding £2,920 October
Eel Pie Island Club for Stand Up Paddleboarding is a recently established sporting club that used the grant to cover a range of initial set-up costs. The project is based at the Twickenham Rowing Club and on the Twickenham Embankment; the majority of club activities take place on the River Thames within the Borough of Richmond. The project met priority 6 of the Civic Pride Fund.
Orleans House Gallery £5,000 July 2014 Orleans House Gallery ran a one day Georgian community festival. Prior to the event, outreach workshops took place in up to 8 schools across the borough. Over 700 children and young people were expected to benefit. The project met priorities 1 and 3 of the Civic Pride Fund.
Twickenham Yacht Club £5,000 July 2014 Twickenham Yacht Club’s grant assisted with the costs of installing a pair of gates and the restoration of a wall, adjacent to York House Gardens, in the Riverside Conservation Area. The beneficiaries are the general public as it improves the visual amenity adjacent to York House Gardens. The project met priority 1 of the Civic Pride Fund.
Network £4,880 May 2014 Network received funding to develop a new website for the ARThouse event which had increased functionality and improved the offer to artists and the information provided to website visitors. They also co-ordinated a temporary “pop-up” exhibition in an empty shop in Twickenham for the ARThouse event. The project met priorities 1, 2 and 3 of the Civic Pride Fund.
Church of St Mary Virgin £2,832 November
The church used the grant to clean and repair the War Memorial in the church yard.

Combination Dance Company

(Charity registration number: 1123954)

£5,000 November
The grant assisted with the costs of organising and showcasing a community dance project. Choreographers and professional dance artists led a community dance project and collaborated with young people to showcase an outdoor performance on Twickenham Green.
Richmond Council Arts Service £5,000 July 2013 The grant was used to organise the Children's Festival.
Three Wings Trust £5,000 November
The grant funded the Octagon Club, a weekly art club for young people aged 11 to 17 with disabilities.
Twickenham Town Business Association £5,000 February
The grant was used to organise the Church Street Garden Event and to carry out planting in five disused flower beds and green areas.
Archdeacon Cambridges CE Primary School £5,000 May 2012 The 2012 Dreams project involved hundreds of young people creating artistic works in celebration of the Olympics. A public exhibition at Orleans House Gallery showcasing the participants’ artworks was held in June 2012 for the duration of the Olympic period.

Ethnic Minorities Advocacy Group (EMAG)

(Charity registration number: 1053007)

£5,000 March 2012 A public event was held to celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi.

Empowering Youth

(Charity registration number: 1127697)

£5,000 November
The grant was used towards the cost of organising a free art exhibition at Orleans House Gallery. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Power of Imagination’ and the art work was created by students from Twickenham Academy.
Heartstone £5,000 October
The grant was used towards the cost of the Chandra’s London Exhibition Project which focused on praising diversity within the borough. The exhibition depicted how the borough has changed over the last 56 years and showcased the welcoming nature of the borough.
Katy Parnell £1,000 May 2012 The grant assisted with the cost of funding six vulnerable students from Richmond College to undertake work placements at Richmond Furniture Scheme. The students experienced a real working environment and developed carpentry and customer service skills. The skills and confidence students gained by participating in this project will be valuable as they progress through with their vocational education.

Landmark Arts Centre

(Charity registration number: 1047080)

£2,670 April 2012 Landmark Arts Centre received funding towards a one day dance event.

Richmond Furniture Scheme

(Charity registration number: 1133019)

£4,900 May 2012 The grant was used to establish the Furniture Scheme Training Project; a project to train and provide volunteer opportunities to the long term unemployed and young people. Participants use their skills and talents to refurbish unwanted, worn and old furniture. Rather than being directed to landfill sites the revamped furniture is made available to the wider community, particularly to people that are economically disadvantaged. To carry out the project the organisation’s indoor facilities needed to be improved and expanded. The grant assisted with the costs of the building and decorating work.
Friends of Kneller Gardens £952 January
The grant was used to landscape an old shrub bed and install a sculpture in Kneller Gardens, Whitton.  The project was a collaborative effort involving students and teachers from Richmond College.
Orleans House Gallery £4,950 January
The grant was used towards the cost of Fields of Vision: Landscapes Past and Present project. The aim of the project is to engage the local community with famous local landscapes in the Borough Art Collection.
Twickenham United Reformed Church £5,000 January
Twickenham United Reform Church was granted funding towards the renovation of the church hall. The premises are used by both secular and faith groups in the community and the project enabled organisations that work or engage with vulnerable people to have access to better facilities.
Youth Work Enterprises £500 June 2015 Youth Work Enterprises will improve the Kneller Gardens Café’s seating area, through the purchase of planters. The project’s beneficiaries will be the local community using the café and the young people engaged in the Café employment and training programme.

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