Civic Pride Fund awards - Strawberry Hill

Find out about Civic Pride Fund grants awarded in Strawberry Hill.

Grants awarded
Group Total Date Details
Friends of Radnor Gardens £5,000 September
Friends of Radnor Gardens have been granted funding to organise an all-day WWI Vigil in Radnor Gardens. A civic type ceremony will take place to commemorate the Declaration of the First World War. The project meets priority four of the Civic Pride Fund.

Strawberry Hill Trust

(Charity registration number: 1095618)

£5,000 August
The organisation received funding to redevelop a woodland area in the grounds of Strawberry Hill House and recreate Horace Walpole’s Serpentine Walk with the help of a group of students from Richmond upon Thames College.
Strawberry Hill Resident Association £500 April 2015 Strawberry Hill Residents Association received funding to assist with the costs of a free community picnic event in Radnor Gardens, Strawberry Hill.  The event commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Residents Association, and is expected to welcome around 200 local people from the Strawberry Hill and Twickenham area, including families and a number of older residents.
Strawberry Hill Bowling Club £2,400 June 2013 An improvement project is underway and the organisation intends to erect a building to house an additional changing room and storage room. The grant will pay for the removal and relocation of the irrigation water tank and ancillary equipment which is a necessary part of project. The relocation of the tank will also improve the aesthetics of Radnor Gardens.

Strawberry Hill House Trust

(Charity registration number: 1095618)

£5,000 April 2013 Strawberry Hill House will use the grant to establish a new sensory garden. Access to the garden is free and open to the public; it will benefit visitors and local residents alike. The project meets priorities one and two of the Civic Pride Fund.

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Updated: 25 January 2017