Civic Pride Fund awards - St Margarets/East Twickenham

Find out about Civic Pride Fund grants awarded in St Margarets and East Twickenham.

Grants awarded
Group Total Date Details

Marble Hill Playcentres

(Charity registration number: 1110615)

£5,000 July
The organisation received funding to install a new heating system as part of the refurbishment of the adventure playground and indoor play space.  This will enable the playcentre to open in the winter months and provide new exciting play opportunities all year round.

(social enterprise Company No. 3399320)

£1,450 August
The organisation received funds to provide free stand up paddleboarding (SUP) taster sessions and dragon boat racing as part of the Twickenham Alive Riverside Festival held in August 2016.
St Margarets Traders Association £500 October
The grant was used to fund decorations for the Crown Road and St Margarets Road area in the build up to, and during, the RFU Rugby World Cup, with various dressings, including: flags, bunting and street art.
Friends of Cambridge Gardens (FOCG) £5,000 September

The organisation received funding to assist in the restoration of the period York stone hard landscaping which has fallen into disrepair. The landscaping was created in the 1920’s in Warren Gardens, a small park, which runs alongside the Warren Footpath (tow path) in East Twickenham.

The project is part of a wider plan for the restoration of the horticulture and biodiversity of Warren Gardens in order to create a space which the local community, of all ages, can take pride in and which members of the public feel safe to enter.

East Twickenham Centennial Group £5,000 October
East Twickenham Centennial Group are organising a project highlighting a period of East Twickenham's history: the arrival and settlement of over 6,000 Belgian refugees in 1915. Funding will go towards a multi-media community remembrance that engages people, including drama, dance and music performance and a public exhibition. The project meets priorities one and four of the Civic Pride Fund.
Cambridge Park Bowling & Sports £5,000 May 2013 The grant was used towards the refurbishment costs of the indoor pavilion of the Club.
The Friends of Cambridge Gardens £1,837 August
The funding enabled the Friends to organise a summer fair in East Twickenham.

Marble Hill Playcentres

(Charity registration number: 1110615)

£3,710 August
The grant funded 10 inclusive play sessions and 60 season passes for children who have additional needs and disabilities.
Richmond Environmental Information Centre £2,500 June 2013 The grant award assisted with the cost of producing 500 books and 500 DVDs on the historical importance of Richmond’s former ice rink. The project celebrated and promoted the borough’s rich sporting history; with the books and DVDs freely available to local schools, libraries and colleges.

Environment Trust for Richmond upon Thames

(Charity registration number: 294869)

£5,000 March
The grant was towards the cost of a semi-secure fruit and vegetable garden, with fencing, raised beds, a tool store and other infrastructure, in the grounds of Marble Hill House. The Market Garden provides opportunities for the community to engage with the local heritage through the management of small garden plots, volunteering and participation at local events.

Turner’s House Trust

(Charity registration number: 1111653)

4,500 October
The funding was used towards the costs of redesigning the organisation’s website, to encourage more people to come to the borough and visit the historic house.

Father Thames Trust

(Charity registration number: 1054655)

£4,975 May 2012 Father Thames Trust received a grant to expand the existing reedbed along the Warren Footpath, to double its size as part of the LBRuT Biodiversity Habitat Action Plan.
Richmond Environmental Information Centre £5,000 August
A grant was awarded to Richmond Environmental Information Centre to recreate the Charlie Shore Regatta and Races. This project promoted the history and heritage of the borough.

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Updated: 20 January 2017