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Grants awarded
Group Total Date Details

The Horse Rangers Association

(Charity registration number: 1098257)

£5,000 July 2017

The organisation received funding towards 10 activity days for disadvantaged children and young carers in the Borough, involving 10 participants per day.

Participants will learn about stable management and horse care and will be given a stable tour to meet the horses. They will learn how to tack up the horses and this will be followed by a ride through Bushy Park.

Metropolitan Sports & Social Club for the Visually Impaired (Metro)

(Charity registration number: 1158098)

£2,880 July

The organisation has received funding to offer two multi-sports taster sessions to people who are blind and partially sighted living in Richmond and surrounding boroughs.

At the Multi-Sport Activity Day there will be a range of activities throughout the day, including cycling, football, judo, tennis, cricket, athletics, table tennis, trampolining and gym instruction.

Friends of Carlisle Park £4,632.49 September
The organisation received funding to cover the cost of two small planting projects in Carlisle Park, Hampton. The first is to clear and replant the beds in front of the pavilion with mixed, drought resistant, Mediterranean planting. The second; a grove of seven native silver birches with crocus tommasinianus, naturalised in grass. The planting will bring both colour and create additional habitats for wildlife.
Hampton Junior School £2,745 November
The school has received funding towards a greenhouse and equipment costs such as potting trays and watering cans, as part of a growing project, which aims to encourage pupils and the wider community to get involved in growing fruit and vegetables for consumption in the dining hall and to sell to parents and friends.
Carlisle Park Cricket Club £4,500 June
Carlisle Park Cricket Club intend to use the grant to assist with the cost of repairing the bowling and batting surfaces in the nets in Carlisle Park. These have become worn and hazardous. Three local clubs will benefit from the nets, and will therefore be able to use the new surface safely. This project meets priority six of the Civic Pride Fund.
Hampton upon Thames Community Association £5,000 July
Hampton on Thames Community Association received funding towards a Fancy Dress Project for children and families as part of Hampton Carnival and WW1 Commemoration booklets, drawing on the memories and experiences of local people. The project meets priorities one, two, three and four of the Civic Pride Fund as it will build community capacity and contribute to the WW1 Commemoration programme.
Linden Hall (Hampton Transport Gala) £5,000 May 2014 Linden Hall is worked in partnership with the local community to run a Transport Gala and Fair around Hampton Station on 7 September, which included a range of activities and exhibitions. It was a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the completion of the construction and inauguration of the railway between Fulwell and Shepperton; was part of Transport for London’s 'Year of the Bus', and brought together preserved rolling stock and vintage buses. It was a free event open to all, and involved local schools. The project meets priority one of the Civic Pride Fund.
Carlisle Park Cricket Club Association £4,650 July 2012 The funding was used to replace the artificial strip on the cricket square at Carlisle Park, Hampton. The replacement strip will ensure that cricket can continue to be played and that the sense of borough pride and community spirit is maintained.
Hampton Village Traders Association £3,330 September
Hampton Village Traders Association received funding to organise a one day open air cinema event to mark the centenary of the opening of the Hampton Palaceum Cinema in 1912. It was a free event and helped promote the cultural history and heritage of the borough.
St Mary's Parish Church, Hampton £4,750 October
The grant to St Mary Parish Church, Hampton was used towards the cost of a 12 month mentoring project for young people in the Hampton South area

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Updated: 5 January 2018