Civic Pride Fund awards - borough wide

Find out how Civic Pride Fund grants have been awarded to borough-wide projects.

Grants awarded
Group Total Date Details

The Richmond in Europe Association

£260 October 2017

The organisation received funding towards materials to increase awareness of the twinning links between Richmond and the towns of Konstanz and Fontainebleau.

IO Theatre Company

(Charity registration number: 1146307)

£2,151 September

The grant was used to bring ‘A Well Remembered Voice’, a play by J.M. Barrie, to audiences at the OSO in Barnes and Twickenham Academy.

Students from all schools in the borough were invited to a special performance and workshop session with the acting company, composer and director to discuss how to bring a 1918 text to life, using movement and music to inform the text, atmosphere and specific given circumstances of the play.

Combination Dance

(Charity registration number: 1123954)

£4,990 April 2015

Combination Dance has run a dance project inspired by local stories that commemorate the World War 1 Centenary, including using old footage such as of aircraft built at the Hawker Factory.   

The project targeted approximately 40 marginalised young people within local secondary schools and colleges.  The World War 1 piece will be performed at the Richdance festival to an audience of 250.   

Connaught Opera

(Charity registration number: 1131004)

£2,400 June 2016 The organisation received funding to run free musical performances for approximately 150 older people in Richmond.  These will link to the Capability Brown Tercentenary in 2016 and performances will take place at the Orleans Gallery; Kew Palace and Hampton Court.

Connaught Opera

(Charity registration number: 1131004)

£3,340 June 2015 Connaught Opera will provide six musical performances at various heritage sites across the borough.  The performances will centre on the Magna Carta and is aimed at older people who are isolated, including those who attend the Woodville Day Centre.
Helen Astrid £1,000 April 2015 This project involves three community singing workshops. The workshops will explore 20 international songs from the countries taking part in Rugby World Cup 2015, and take place in October during the Twickenham Music and Drama Festival 2015.

Integrated Neurological Services

(Charity registration number: 1107273)

£3,600 July 2016 The organisation received funding towards a 6-8 week summer activity programme offering a number of taster activities to people approximately 280 who are disabled because of a neurological condition e.g. Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke or head injury. The aim is to help reduce isolation and improve people’s confidence to become more active and take part in new activities. Examples of activities on offer include ballet, sailing, drama, print-making and music appreciation.
Local Studies Volunteer Group £967 April 2015

The Local Studies Volunteer Group has received funding to assist with the costs of publicising the recently digitised images from Richmond’s Local Studies Centre print collection.

There are around 3,500 prints, sketches and water colours; all of which are significant to the local history of Richmond. This project will help the collection to be much more accessible.

Richmond in Europe Association £3,482 June 2015 Richmond in Europe Association received funding to assist with the costs of community groups taking part in the reaffirmation of the Twinning Oath.

Richmond EAL Friendship Group

(Charity registration number: 1133538)

£3,995 August
The organisation received funding to run two series of five workshops across Richmond (Old Town Hall / Orleans House Gallery). Up to 18 people can access each workshop and participants with English as an additional language (EAL) will come together to learn English through creating art.

Activity Station

(Charity registration number: 1165502)

£3,750 March 2016 The grant was used to run cinema screenings and a sports camp for young people with disabilities.

Good Gym

(Charity registration number: 1160988)

£5,000 March 2016 The organisation received funding to set up a project offering local people opportunities to combine physical exercise with volunteering, in particular assisting local community projects with manual labour and providing ad hoc on-going support to isolated, lonely and / or vulnerable individuals.

Combination Dance

(Charity registration number: 1123954)

£4,900 March 2016 Funding was used to run a dance and history project inspired by 100 years of change in Women’s Rights since WW1 and local historical stories, 'In Her Shoes'.

Friends of the River Crane Environment

(Charity registration number: 1108542)

£4,977 March 2016 Exploring the River Crane Corridor - The organisation received funding to run a series of walks and talks, workshops and a schools engagement project and art competition to promote awareness of the lower Crane Valley.

Arts Richmond

(Charity registration number: 251359)

£5,000 February
The grant was used to put on an exhibition at Orleans House Gallery and associated free events and activities to celebrate 50 years of The Arts in Richmond.  
DanceWest £1,950 January
The grant was used to run free dance workshops for the under 5s and their families in the Coach House, Orleans Gallery.

South West London Environment Network

(Charity registration number: 1140872)

£4,510 January
The grant was used to fund activities including walk and talk nature activities, bird surveys and a conservation and engagement project. This also included a Springtime Safari for residents and a children’s art exhibition.

Turner's House Trust

(Charity registration number: 1111653)

£5,000 January
The grant was used to fund an art historian to catalogue the collection of prints after JMW Turner’s work, oil paintings and water colours by Turner’s contemporaries, providing an accessible resource for the public, which will also be available online. A learning and activities programme was also developed from this resource to use with local schools and partners.

Richmond Borough MIND

(Charity registration number: 1146297)

£4,998 August
The organisation received funding to train eight carer volunteers to offer peer support in response to the recent increase in demand for the services.

My Life Films

(Charity registration number: 1157198)

£2,000 September

This project is to support people with dementia, their family, friends and carers. The organisation received funding towards the cost of producing a film designed to help carers find out what is most important to their patient and help them further personalise and improve their standard of care.

The project involved local families and tackled some of the issues relating to dementia, introducing people to a radical new way of reminiscing through sharing family photographs from across the decades, interspersed with video interviews with the person and other members of the family, set to favourite music tracks.

Addiction Support and Care Agency

(Charity registration number: 1036555)

£4,720 November
The organisation received funding towards a volunteer training programme to enhance the delivery of its successful weekly support groups, designed to support and complement service users’ recovery.
The Royal British Legion Richmond Branch £910 November
The organisation has received funding to carry out the annual Remembrance Day Parade and service at the War Memorial in Whittaker Avenue Richmond.
Teddington Choral Society £600 December
A grant to assist with the costs of purchasing musical equipment. The organisation performs at venues across the Borough and holds regular workshops. The project met priority 2 of the Civic Pride Fund through using the skills and talents of local people, and priority 4 as the applicant held a World War One Commemoration Christmas Concert in Hampton Hill.

Richmond Music Trust

(Charity registration number: 1090623)

£5,000 December
The grant was awarded to assist with costs associated with the second phase of the Firebird project. This provided children and young people from across the borough with a unique opportunity to explore, create and perform music and dance. The project met priorities 1 and 2 of the Civic Pride Fund.
Westside Community Foundation £5,000 December
Westside Community Foundation’s grant assisted with the costs of establishing a cycling club within schools across the borough. The organisation partnered with the Police, Transport for London and local bike store, Moores Bikes. As part of the project, teachers received training to become qualified coaches enabling them to deliver the clubs within the schools. The project met priority 6 of the Civic Pride Fund.

Connaught Opera

(Charity registration number: 1131004)

£5,000 May 2014 Connaught Opera ran a series of twelve community concerts commemorating WW1 in the Octagon Room, Orleans House and Kew Palace. The main audience will be older people, with some concerts involving school children. The events were free to all. The project met priority 4 of the Civic Pride Fund.
Richmond Arts Service £5,000 July 2014 Richmond Arts Service’s grant was used to assist with the cost of organising the Outdoor Festivals 2014 project. Over the summer there were three outdoor festivals for the public to enjoy. The project met priorities 1 and 3 of the Civic Pride Fund.
The Challenge Network £1,052 May 2013 Funding assisted with the costs of organising and delivering a one-off sports and community event in the borough. The project benefited the young people from Richmond that took part in The Challenge Network’s National Citizen Service Programme in 2012. It also benefited local residents and the wider community as it was hoped that the young people would get involved in other volunteering opportunities.

Connaught Opera

(Charity registration number: 1131004)

£2,545 March 2013 The funding assisted with the cost of hosting free concerts in Kingston and Richmond for older people resident in the Borough. Holding the concerts in local heritage sites will provide older people the opportunity to visit and enjoy places of historic importance

Richmond AID

(Charity registration number: 1074788)

£5,000 May 2013 The funding was to assist with the cost of running the SPADE gardening project.
Richmond Council Arts Service £5,000 July 2013 The grant was used to organise the Outdoor Festivals 2014 project. This consisted of three outdoor summer festivals for the public to enjoy.

Richmond Mencap

(Charity registration number: 1102587)

£4,968 November
Richmond Mencap used the funding to launch a volunteering project that enabled people with learning disabilities to gain work experience.

Richmond Mind

(Charity registration number: 1146297)

£4,953 November
The funding enabled Richmond Mind to develop their gardening service, provided by Mental Health Service Volunteers, into a social enterprise.
Richmond Opportunity Centre for Business and Social Enterprise £4,747 December
The funding helped provide business support, through a range of mechanisms, to those that are self-employed, small businesses and social enterprise start-ups.

Visually Impaired Society of Richmond

(Charity registration number: 1090135)

£5,000 August
The grant helped establish a drop-in centre to assist people with a visual impairment and their carers.
WorldInfo Zone £5,000 October
The grant was used towards the cost of the borough-wide Twickenham Alive Film Festival project. Local people were invited to submit short films that illustrated borough pride.

Connaught Opera

(Charity registration number: 1131004)

£1,750 April 2011 2Connaught Opera received funding to organise three concerts to celebrate the 2012 Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee. The concerts were held in historic venues in Richmond and Kingston.

Richmond AID

(Charity registration number: 1074788)

£5,000 January
The funding was to assist with the cost of running the SPADE gardening project. The project enabled 50 older and disabled clients to receive several gardening visits from volunteers throughout the year. It developed the skills of the volunteers and also provided support to local people through improving gardens.

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