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Find out about Civic Pride Fund grants awarded in Barnes.

Grants awarded
Group Total Date Details

Barn Elms Sports Trust

(Charity registration number: 1135370)

£2,500 December 2017

The organisation received funding towards the installation of fencing around their athletics track at the London Marathon Pavilion in Queen Elizabeth’s Walk.

The meshed 1 metre high fence will replace a 20 year old railing and make the track look presentable. Fencing will also enclose the track to make it more user friendly for Schools and athletics user groups as well as deterring geese from entering the area.

Barnes Community Arts Centre (OSO Arts Centre)

(Charity registration number: 1150658)

£5,000 November
The organisation has received funding to assist in the purchase of a 55 seat tiered retractable seating system for use at the Barnes Community Arts Centre. The seating will improve the versatility of the venue, increase use and capacity for arts events, and improve the experience of audiences.
Barnes Cricket Club £4,760 October
The organisation has received funding to assist with the cost of the Barnes CC Boundary Risk Mitigation Project, involving tree work, the erection of a transparent ball stop fence and signage on the Lowther Road end of the field.

Barn Elms Sports Trust

(Charity registration number: 1135370)

£5,000 April 2015

Barn Elms Sports Trust has received funding to assist with the cost of a project which will improve access for disabled users to the Athletics Track.

The organisation will install a pathway that connects the car park to the Athletics Track, to make it much more accessible to people with disabilities.  

BYT Experimental Theatre Group £1,500 August
BYT Experimental Theatre Group used the funding to cover the core costs of providing acting workshops and the creation of two drama productions for the community.

Castelnau Centre Project

(Charity registration number: 1061637)

£1,000 May 2012 The grant was used to enable a group of young people to restore an out of use motor vehicle of their choice to its original state. The project has been completely youth-led and a professional youth worker was involved to provide guidance

Friends of Barnes Common

(Charity registration number: 1153079)

5,000 April
Friends of Barnes Common received funding to carry out ecological activities that would increase the biodiversity of Barnes Common. An information board was erected to help improve visitors’ understanding of Barnes Common. The equipment purchased for this project is used to enhance the meadows, reduce unwanted bracken and scrub, and help maintain open glades and informal paths through woodlands.

Ethnic Minorities Advocacy Group (EMAG)

(Charity registration number: 1053007)

£2,000 March
EMAG, in collaboration with Lowther Primary School, and with assistance from the SWLEN, were funded to organise a Garden Allotment and Flower Bed Improvement Project. The aim was to improve an area of outdoor space making it more attractive and enjoyable for members of the school.

FiSH Neighbourhood Care

(Charity registration number: 1147516)

£2,500 January
The grant was used to cover the costs of offering an informative lecture series for the course of one year for older people, and to create a stronger sense of community.
Jean Mounsey £350 November
Jean Mounsey has received funding towards the installation costs of a memorial piece constructed of tension wires and black silk with sound installation. The memorial piece was hosted by O.S.O Arts Centre in Barnes for the benefit of the local community. The project was a token of remembrance to those that partook in the Passchendaele Battle and met priority four of the Civic Pride Fund.

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Updated: 5 January 2018