Pools on the Park Liaison Group

This group provides a forum where views and feedback from all users can be shared with management, and enables management to share information with our users and consult where appropriate. Meetings are normally held twice a year and meetings notes will be published on this page.

About the User Group

User Group is made up of:

  • Cabinet Member with responsibility for sports
  • Head of Culture (chair)
  • Sports Service Manager
  • Pools on the Park Centre Manager
  • Five user representatives
  • Ward Councillors

Main purpose of the User Group

To provide a forum for update and discussion about operational matters at Pools on the Park.

Act as a consultative group for any major service changes, and to advise on levels of consultation with the wider user body on specific proposals.

The User Group is not a decision making group, but may make recommendations for consideration by the Council.

User Group Representatives

The following user representatives have been nominated and elected by service users and serve a term of two years.

Swimming Pool user rep - Philippa Edmunds
Email: swimuserrep@gmail.com

Group Exercise user reps - Susan Hausner and Claire Davis
Email: groupexerciseuser@gmail.com

Fitness Suite user rep - David Thompson
Email: fitnessuserpotp@gmail.com

Swimming Club user rep - Nick Poaros
Email: swimclubuser@gmail.com

Swim School user rep - currently vacant
Email: leisure@richmond.gov.uk

Meeting notes

To be added shortly.

Date of next meeting

Date to be confirmed.

Updated: 17 October 2019