Electric Vehicle charging points

In Richmond there are currently 59 electric vehicle charging points some of which are located on public streets while some others on private property. More are being added to provide greater coverage for the growing number of electric vehicle owners.  The fees to use the charging points vary by operator.

Lamp column EV charging points

More than 200 lamp column EV charging points are currently being installed across the borough to support those residents without off-street parking.

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Source London charging points

Source London is an electric vehicle charge point network with over 850 public charge points across London. The network was started by the Mayor of London and TfL to assist in delivering London’s vision of increasing the uptake and usage of electric vehicles to reduce emissions.

We are working with Source London to provide a local network of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points. There are currently 47 charging points around the borough that have been installed in 18 locations as part of the first and second phase of the Source London programme. Currently, 35 out of the 47 charging points are live.

Road name Specific location Postcode Number of charging points
Sheen Lane Outside Cedar Court SW14 8LY 2
Gipsy Lane Outside 1-30 Fir Lodge SW15 5SA 3
York House Car Park   TW1 3BZ 2
Cedar Road Car Park   TW11 9AN 5
Stafford Place   TW10 6JF 2
Nassau Road   SW13 9HE 2
Boileau Road - site 2 Opposite Nos 132-134 Boileau Road, Barnes SW13 9BW 3
Suffolk Road Opposite the junction of Belgrave Road SW13 9NR 3
Sheen Road - site 1 East of St Mary’s Grove, Richmond TW9 1XB 3
North Road South of the southern kerb-line of High Park Road TW9 4HQ 3
Wellington Road Opposite bus garage TW2 5NX 2
Lion Gate Gardens Outside no 8 TW9 2DW 2
Victoria Villas Outside Sovereign Court TW9 2JX 3


We will be updating this table as more charging points will go live in February 2019.

Phase 3 of the Source London scheme is currently at early stages. In mid-March 2019, we will be consulting residents in the following boroughs with regards to new sites for Source London EV charging points.

  • Hampton Wick
  • Heathfield
  • St Margarets and North Twickenham
  • Teddington
  • Twickenham Riverside
  • West Twickenham
  • Whitton

For more information about different membership options as well as Pay As You Go access and to sign up visit the Source London website or call Source on 020 3056 8989 for details.

Check Source London’s Twitter, Facebook and newsletter for more information and updates.

Parking charges

Parking charges do not apply to vehicles in designated electric-vehicle-only parking bays when vehicles are plugged into the charging points.

Lamp column electric vehicle charging points

These are being provided for residents with electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles who have no off-road parking but would like to charge their vehicles overnight.

Most electric vehicle owners currently charge their vehicles off-highway, at home or at work. We appreciate that many residents who wish to use EVs do not have access to off-highway charging points and wish to have additional options to that of using Source London.

We have received over 350 requests from residents for lamp column EV charging points and Siemens will soon be installing more than 200 sockets into street lights as part of this project. The parking bays next to these charging points are not dedicated "EV only" parking bays and any vehicle can use the parking bay. Where possible we have tried to install 3 sockets per resident request to ensure better accessibility levels on a street.

The project is funded through a £300,000 grant from the Go Ultra Low City Scheme (GULCS) run by the Department for Transport and administered by London Councils, Transport for London and the GLA. The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames has provided £100,000 of match funding and aims to support those residents without access to off-street parking.

Although we cannot consider any more requests as part of this project, if you are interested in having a point installed on your street, please complete the online form and we will consider your request as part of future installations.

Sockets have already been installed by Siemens at 130 locations. Further installations will continue until the end of April.

To find out which Ubitricity points are live or to report a fault with a chargepoint you can download the Ubitricity app or phone 0800 024 6279.

For details about charging costs and the chargepoint technology (pdf, 1.1 MB).

Parking fees

The users of the lamp column charging points should comply with parking arrangements on that street as the bays next to the street lights are not designated for electric vehicles only.

Rapid charging points

Transport for London is also working with boroughs to provide a number of locations with high-power, rapid chargers across the capital. These enable the complete charging of vehicles in about half an hour. These are mainly aimed at electric taxi as well commercial vehicles. However, they may also be available for public use. There are currently four rapid chargers installed by TfL in Richmond. We will update this page with more information as soon as it becomes available

Road name Specific location Postcode Number of charging points
Upper Richmond road 419 Upper Richmond Road SW14 7PJ 1
Upper Richmond road 350 A205 Upper Richmond Road West East of Carlton Road SW14 7JU 1
Lower Richmond road 291 Lower Richmond Road by Manor Grove TW9 4LJ 1
Lower Richmond road 237 Lower Richmond Road by Bicester Road TW9 4LN 1

There are also currently a number of privately-owned charging points for public use in the borough.

Public charging points

Location Access How to access
Richmond Station Car Park (NCP), Drummonds Place, Richmond, TW9 1DN Customer Chargemaster Polar Plus RFID card or Polar Instant app. required. NCP parking charges apply
Sainsburys, Lower Richmond Road, Richmond, TW9 4LT (4 charging points) Customer Pod Point scheme membership or Pod Point app. required. Supermarket parking restrictions may apply
Waitrose, 72 Oldfield Road, Hampton, TW12 2HQ Customer Chargemaster Polar Plus RFID card or Polar Instant app. required. Supermarket parking restrictions may apply
Currie Motors, 161 Chertsey Road, Twickenham, TW1 1ER Via car dealership Chargemaster Polar Plus RFID card or Polar Instant app. required. Check with dealership reception before use
The White Hart Hotel, 1 High Street, Hampton Wick, KT1 4DA Via hotel Pod Point scheme membership or Pod Point app. required. Check with hotel reception before use

For the latest information on the location, type and availability of all public charge points in Richmond upon Thames and other London boroughs visit Zap Map.


Updated: 10 April 2019