Cycling initiatives

Our Transport Planning and Safety Education teams work closely to offer schools a variety of schemes, projects and campaigns around cycling that help promote and encourage healthy, safe and active travel to school.

Bike Week (all schools)

Bike Week is an annual celebration in June to promote cycling and show the community how easily cycling can become a part of everyday life.

You could host a bike breakfast, a sponsored cycle ride, cycling competition or a cycle to school day, each of these activities would help you to achieve the higher levels of accreditation for your travel plan and could be funded through the small grants scheme.

Cyclist training (all schools)

Our team of qualified instructors work year round to provide cyclist training to schools in the borough.

Training is available to independent schools at a competitive rate. Funding to cover the cost of training can be applied for through the small grants scheme.

For more information on cyclist training please visit our Cycling in schools pages.

Mayor of London’s school cycle parking scheme (all schools)

Provided by Transport for London, the Mayor of London’s school cycle parking scheme aims to ensure all schools across London have onsite cycle parking facilities that support cycling to school. The scheme supplies high quality, sheltered cycle parking and installation at no cost to the school.

In April of each year all schools with a valid STP are invited by the Transport Planning team to apply. To apply schools must identify the need for such facilities through their STP.

Please note that for some schools, planning permission may be required. It is the schools responsibility to identify if planning permission is required. Schools are encouraged to contact the Planning Department to determine the requirement.

Schools who have previously received these facilities through this scheme, are an infant school or require staff/visitor cycle parking facilities are ineligible to apply. These schools are encouraged to bid for funding through the small grants scheme for such facilities.

Scooter training (primary schools)

Safe Scooter training is available for Key Stage 1 children. Children learn about:

  • Safety checks
  • Safe and sensible braking techniques
  • Consideration and courtesy to other pavement users
  • Making sensible decisions on or near roads and driveways

For more information please contact the Road Safety Education team.

Updated: 6 November 2014