Hampton Wick CPZ review

We carried out a review of the Hampton Wick CPZ in response to resident feedback.


We conducted a consultation with residents and businesses situated within the Hampton Wick CPZ as part of a study of parking in the locality.

This review followed complaints received by the Council from residents concerning congestion and access problems that have been occurring in the zone on Sundays when the CPZ is not in operation. Complaints were also received from residents concerning the difficulties they have in finding a parking space near to their home on these days.

It is understood that these difficulties are primarily caused by shoppers and other visitors to Kingston town centre.

1st stage consultation – June/July 2017

Residents and businesses were asked whether they would wish to see the operational hours/days of this CPZ increased so that it also applies on Sundays and Bank Holidays.


Hampton Wick CPZ review drawing (pdf, 557 KB)


The consultation closed on Friday 11 August 2017.

There were only three roads where more than 50% of households were in favour:

  • School Lane
  • School Road
  • Baygrove Mews

Given the number of roads which have shown support for the increased operational hours, some further analysis was carried out to see if an area within the boundary could be formed where support exceeds 50% of households, once purpose-built flats with their own parking, are removed. ‘In favour’ responses received from these properties were also removed. An area comprising the following roads was formed:

  • School Lane
  • School Road
  • Church Grove
  • Park Road
  • St John’s Road
  • Saddlers Mews
  • High Street

Results of the Hampton Wick CPZ consultation (MS Excel, 35 KB) 


We are currently considering these results and we will post the outcome here when these investigations have been completed.


To find out more contact us by email at highwaysandtransport@richmond.gov.uk or call 020 8891 1411.

Updated: 27 November 2017