Implementing the 20mph rollout

We commenced the phased rollout of the borough-wide 20mph speed limit from Monday 5 August 2019. It is expected to take up to one year.

About the implementation works

To make the implementation as simple as possible, the borough has been spilt into 25 cells, these cells mostly have natural boundaries such as the river, borough boundary, railway and the excluded roads (TfL red routes – the A316 and A205), A305 (part) between Apex Corner and Twickenham Town Centre, A310 (part) between Kingston Bridge and Twickenham Town Centre and A308 corridor including Lower Sunbury Road but not including Thames Street).

The 20mph speed limit will go live one cell at a time.

There are two teams working on rolling out signage, working at the same time on both sides of the River.

On the Richmond side, the team started working initially in Kew. They will be working south – moving from cell to cell. On the Twickenham side of the river, the team started in Hampton and will be working North.

The entire scheme is estimated to take one year from start to finish. Cells R1 and T1 will be completed first and A13 and T11 will be last. We are unable to commit to exact timescales, but will update this page and social media when each area and cell is completed.

Completed areas

The completed areas are:

  • R1 - R5: Kew
  • R6 - North Richmond including Parkshot
  • R7 - North Richmond around Manor Road (Sainsbury's area)
  • R8 - Mortlake area including Mortlake High Street
  • R9 - Barnes Area
  • R10 - Mortlake and East Sheen area
  • R11 - East Sheen area
  • R12 - Richmond town centre
  • R13 - see note below*
  • T1 - Hampton area
  • T2 - Hampton area
  • T3 - Teddington and Hampton Wick
  • T4 - Hampton Court Road
  • T5 - West Twickenham area
  • T6 - Part Hampton Wick/Teddington/Twickenham
  • T7 - Hampton Wick area (Broom Road)
  • T8 - Twickenham and St Margaret's (in part)
  • T9 - Heathfield
  • T10 - Whitton
  • T11 - Twickenham and St Margarets north of the A316

*Due to Covid-19 and the current lockdown arrangements, all contractors have been called off site except for urgent works. Unfortunately, this means that for R13 (Ham and Petersham) signs remain covered over until our contractors  can return to site. Some 20 mph road marking roundels have been implemented before the work stopped and the Council apologise for any confusion this may be causing. As soon as the current restrictions are lifted, we will ensure that this area goes live without delay.

When signage is installed it is initially covered. However, when the area is complete, the covers are removed and the 20mph limit is live in that area, and therefore enforced. In certain key points e.g. near schools, there will also be road markings.

Officers are working hard to remove previous 30mph speed limit signage in each area. However, if signs have been accidentally missed, and therefore conflicts with the new 20mph signs, the incorrect signage can be reported to


We are applying the Department for Transport’s recommendation of providing 20mph repeater signs every 200m. As street lighting means that a road automatically has a speed limit of 30mph (under the UK Highway Code), signage is required at adequate intervals along the road to tell drivers the speed limit is not 30mph.

Signage will be erected within a cell and temporarily covered until all signs within that cell are in place. On completion, the covers will be removed off the signs and the 20mph speed limit within that cell will go live.

  • The majority of 20mph signs have been designed on existing street lighting columns or posts
  • The majority of new posts required will be at the locations where there is a change in speed limit, for example side roads off of the A205 where the speed changes from 30mph to 20mph
  • We will be taking this opportunity to declutter any other existing signage, for example entry plates for controlled parking zones (CPZs)

Road markings

There will be 20 road markings at key points such as where the speed limit changes or in the vicinity of schools to further highlight and enhance the lower speed limit.

Speed Cameras

Changes to existing speed cameras will come into effect as and when a cell goes live. There are no current plans for additional speed cameras or speed reducing measures at this time.

Updated: 2 April 2020