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Speed limits are introduced to ensure greater road safety. Measures for influencing the speed of vehicles generally fall into two categories, legislative and physical. Speed limits fall into the first category whereas traffic calming devices fall into the second.

How can I get a speed limit lowered, raised or extended?

In urban areas, speed limits should fit into a rational and easily understood hierarchy if they are to be observed by drivers. We take many factors into account when deciding whether to change an existing speed limit.

If you would like a speed limit to be raised or extended, please contact the Transport Planning Team. Your request will then be assessed. The police view on a change to a speed limit is important and will be sought. Account should also be taken of the characteristics of the road, such as its alignment, the level of activity alongside the road, the accident record and the degree of severance caused to a community by the speed of vehicles.

Borough-wide 20mph speed limit

We are currently consulting with residents about the implementation of a borough-wide 20mph speed limit. Have your say.

Problems with speed limit signs

To report a vandalised/missing speed limit sign, please report the fault online.

If the road in question has a system of street lighting on it with no speed limit repeater signs, the road is already subject to 30mph and as such the Highway Authority is not permitted to place 30mph repeater signs on it. The system of street lighting in a built up area should be sufficient evidence of 30mph limit.

Updated: 16 August 2022

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