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Hammersmith Bridge impact on residents and businesses

In November 2020, our Transport and Air Quality Committee approved up to £250,000 of funding for mitigation works to help deal with the impacts of the bridge closure.


Some of this money has been spent on remedial works to improve the surface of the towpath between Putney and Barnes Bridge.

Towpath patrols

Four officers from Park Guard will be patrolling the Thames towpath on bicycles, between Hammersmith Bridge and the Putney border by Beverley Brook, between 3pm and 7pm on weekdays. All patrolling officers will be appropriately certified to supervise persons, able to administer first aid and be recognisable by high-visibility clothing carrying the Richmond Council and Park Guard branding.

Their purpose is to provide reassurance to residents, particularly school children, during the darker winter months. They will remain in place until either Hammersmith Bridge re-opens to pedestrians and cyclists, or until the start of British Summer Time in Spring 2021, whichever is soonest.

Following discussions with residents and local groups, we have agreed that the safest option for the route between Hammersmith Bridge and Barnes Bridge, is to encourage residents to use surrounding well-lit streets. We will continue to review this and consider any further enhancements to the road network.

Update 23 December 2020

Access between the towpath on the south-west side of the bridge and Castelnau has been restricted by the contractor working on the bridge repairs. We have been working to reinstate full access. Until Monday 4 January 2021, a temporary access route will be in place allowing full access to the towpath.

A longer-term solution is being developed which will allow access to the towpath while giving the contractor the necessary space to carry out repair works. This will be in place from Monday 4 January onwards, so there will be no further disruption to access.

Towpath lighting

Two type of lighting will be trialled on selected sections of the towpath, between March and April 2020.

Extension of Dial-a-Ride service

TfL has extended its Dial-a-Ride (DaR) services to meet the needs of customers with mobility issues who live near Hammersmith Bridge.

Residents living within one mile of the bridge who meet Dial-a-Ride’s membership criteria can call a dedicated helpline to arrange for assistance to take them to a pre-agreed location on the other side of the river. Check if you are eligible on the TFL website.


Buses will not use Hammersmith Bridge until the safety-critical upgrade work is complete. Transport for London (TfL) has made some changes to the local bus network to improve links for people affected by the closure.

Routes (updated 28 August 2020)

From Saturday 29 August there will be extra services on Route 533 (Hammersmith Bus Station - Lonsdale Road).

  • Monday to Friday 7.30am to 7pm - three buses every hour and then two buses an hour in the evenings
  • Saturday 9am to 6.30pm - four buses per hour
  • Sunday 9am to 6.30pm - four buses per hour

From Saturday 5 September there will be extra services on Route 378 (Mortlake Bus Station – Putney Bridge Station)

  • Monday – Saturday daytime - eight buses per hour (previously five buses per hour)
  • In the evening and on the weekends - six buses per hour
  • Except on Sundays early AM from - four buses per hour

To enhance Route 378, TfL will be reducing the current service levels on Route 209 which has seen a fall in customer numbers since the bridge closed to pedestrians.

  • From Saturday 5 September Route 209 will be reduced (Mortlake Bus Station to Lonsdale Road)
  • Monday to Saturday daytime - four buses per hour,
  • In the evening and on the weekends - three buses per hour
  • Sunday early AM two buses per hour

The latest travel advice will be published on the TfL website. Find more information on the changes to make school travel safer and the latest advice and resources for schools and other education settings from TfL. Full details of each route are available from TfL.

Current bus routes are designed to:

  • Provide direct links between Roehampton, Mortlake and Barnes and the Tube network at Putney Bridge
  • Provide a new direct link between Barnes, Mortlake and Hammersmith, where there is step-free access to the Tube You can see further details of these changes and provide feedback on TfL's consultations page.

How these changes may affect Barnes residents

Buses on routes 33, 419 and 485, which normally run along different roads, are now running along Verdun Road, between Howsman Road and Lonsdale Road. There will be up to 14 buses per hour daily (northbound only).

This is to enable a turning movement for empty buses terminating south of the bridge (routes 33 and 485), so that in-service route 419 buses do not come into conflict with these turning buses.

New Lonsdale Road service

The new circular service, route 533, will also now be running along the full length of Lonsdale Road.

Between Verdun Road and Kilmington Road, buses will run along Lonsdale Road daily (eastbound only). There will also be up to several standing buses at a time eastbound.

Between Suffolk Road and Verdun Road there will be buses (northbound only) along Lonsdale Road.

There will normally be no buses at night (between approximately 1 and 5am). Full details of each route change are available from TfL.

Updated: 23 December 2020