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Application checklist (travel passes)

For each application you will need to submit proofs to demonstrate that you meet the eligibility criteria.

If you do not meet one of the automatic eligibility criteria, you may still be eligible under the assessed criteria. Most people applying under the assessed criteria will need to attend a Mobility Assessment.

Mobility Assessment

Most applicants applying, because they have an enduring and substantial disability which causes you, during the course of a journey to be unable to walk, will need to attend an appointment with an expert assessor in order to have their eligibility for the scheme(s) assessed.

This will take place at our Supported Travel Team in Twickenham. The assessment will last approximately 30 minutes and will involve a discussion with the Occupational Therapist about your mobility difficulties, followed by a short walking assessment.

Suitable proofs
Type of proof Description
Photograph All photos must be to passport standard. Photographs can be uploaded online when applying for a Blue Badge. When sending your photo by post, make sure your name is written on the back.
The relevant proof of entitlement or medical evidence

You can use one of the following:

  • A Disability Living Allowance award letter (dated within last 12 months).
  • A Personal Independence Payments award letter (dated within last 12 months), including both the front page, and the page indicating your score.
  • A Service Personnel and Veterans Agency letter of entitlement.
  • Certificate of Visual Impairment or BD8.
  • Audiological report or report from an Aural Specialist.
  • Statement of Special Educational Needs.
  • Letter from DVLA.
  • Relevant medical evidence (for example, recent medical reports or letters from GP’s, consultants or specialists).

If you do not automatically qualify, you can provide recent medical evidence of your health condition or disability to support your application, if you choose. This may help speed up your application.

Proof of residence

You must be a permanent resident of the Borough in order to apply for the scheme(s).

You can use one of the following (dated within the last 3 months):

  • A residential utility bill (gas, electric, telephone, water); mobile phone bills are not suitable.
  • TV Licence/exemption.
  • Rent book or tenancy agreement.
  • Benefits/Pension letter or book (for example, DLA or SPVA letter).
  • Home contents insurance document.
  • Domiciliary care bill.
Proof of identity

You can use one of the following:

  • Valid driving licence (photo card).
  • Passport/Certificate of British Nationality.
  • Birth/Adoption Certificate (with marriage or change of name certificate if your name is now different).
  • Marriage/Civil Partnership/Divorce/Dissolution Certificate.
  • HM Forces ID card.

Updated: 15 October 2020

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