Nationality Document Return Service

This service enables applicants to keep hold of their passport and other documents while applying for British citizenship.

About this service

If you are applying for British citizenship using the online application form, we can send certified copies of your passport and supporting documents along with your application to UK Visas & Immigration.

By using the Nationality Document Return Service you are able to keep hold of your passport and other documents while your application is being considered. You can also apply for your British passport at the same time.

If you wish to use the paper application form and/or want to have your application form checked, please see the Nationality Checking Service for more information.

Important note

The Nationality Document Return Service is only available to applicants using the AN or MN1 application form. Applicants using Form T, UKF, UKM or any other nationality application form must apply via the paper application route.

The service cannot:

  • Check that your application form is completed correctly. As your form and nationality fee will already have been submitted online, it is not possible for any part of the application to be amended or corrected
  • Fast track your application through the Home Office
  • Act as agents for the application
  • Offer any advice on nationality, or on other matters such as visas, immigration or asylum
  • Guarantee that your application will be successful. The Home Office will consider your application and make a decision
  • Check you have all the required documents. We will copy the documents you supply us with, but cannot advise if they are suitable


The Nationality Document Return Service costs £35 per applicant.

Postage is charged separately, according to the weight of your application (in kg):

  • up to 500g – £8
  • up to 750g – £10
  • up to 1kg – £12
  • up to 2kg – £14
  • up to 10kg – £30
  • up to 20kg – £50

A photocopying surcharge will apply for packages weighing over 1kg.

How to apply

Complete the relevant online form on the GOV.UK website.

You are required to book an appointment before you submit and pay for your online application.

Within ten working days of submitting your application, attend an appointment at our office bringing with you:

  • Your completed online application with PNN number confirming successful payment made to the Home Office
  • A completed Home Office generated checklist for each applicant detailing the documents you are sending
  • All original supporting documents (the documents you need are listed on the Home Office generated checklist)
  • Referees pages with attached passport sized photographs

All applicants aged 18 or over must attend the office in person.

Call 020 8891 7188 to make an appointment.

Joint Citizen and Passport Service (JCAP)

It is now possible to apply for your British passport and British citizenship at the same time. This easy and efficient service has been developed in partnership with the Home Office.

If your application for British citizenship is successful, your British passport will be posted to your home address approximately four weeks after you have attended your citizenship ceremony.

The joint service costs an additional £15 per applicant.

All applicants for JCAP aged 15 years and six months or over must attend the office in person.

To submit a joint passport application you will need the following additional items:

  • Two additional passport pictures per applicant (identical to the pictures used in the referees section of your nationality application)
  • A completed paper passport application form available from any Post Office. Online submitted passport forms are not accepted
  • A completed paper passport payment slip (found on page 25 of the booklet provided in the envelope with the passport form)

See our guidance on completing a passport form when using the Joint Citizen and Passport Service (pdf, 172 KB).

If you want to apply for your British passport at the same time as your citizenship, you must bring the completed passport application form with you to your appointment with your two extra identical passport pictures. If you do not bring these, our officers will not be able to check the passport form and you will not be able to make a joint passport application.

What happens next

We will copy your current passport and documents, certify the copies and send them via special delivery to the Home Office on your behalf. Once an item has been posted by the Register Office, responsibility for safe delivery passes to Royal Mail.

Richmond Register Office cannot be held liable for any loss or damage once your application has been posted. 

Updated: 5 June 2018