Stag Brewery site proposed new school

Find out about the plans for a school on the Stag Brewery site.

New school for the area

Part of the adopted Planning Brief is the need for a school on the site.

Originally, the Planning Brief stated that a primary school was needed as part of a redevelopment. However, in October 2015, this was changed to a secondary. There are two key reasons for this:

  1. Since the Planning Brief was agreed in 2009, the Council has enabled an additional 195 reception class places per year in the east of the borough. This includes expanding the Ofsted-rated ‘outstanding’ East Sheen Primary and Sheen Mount Primary, and the establishment of Thomson House, the Ofsted-rated outstanding free school on Sheen Lane.
  2. At the same time, the three secondary schools in the east of the borough have become more popular with local parents. A new school will ensure that many local children will not have to travel out of the area to go to school. This March (2017), 85 children from this part of the borough have either been offered secondary school places in the western half of the borough or haven’t yet been offered places at any school. Whilst we are confident, based on previous years’ experience, that in the next few months those children will be offered places from the waiting-lists at schools closer to home, we know that in future years the numbers of children due to transfer from primary to secondary school will substantially increase. The capacity in the current three secondaries in the east of the borough will not be enough.

The change from a primary to a secondary school on this site was considered as part of the Cabinet report in October 2015 in relation to a revised School Place Planning Strategy, with specific reference to the forecast need for an additional secondary school in the eastern half of the borough.

At that stage, it was decided that the Council would not review the adopted Planning Brief. However, the change in educational need and the priority for a secondary school on the Stag Brewery site was agreed to be taken forward as part of the Local Plan Review, which specifically sets out a site allocation for Stag Brewery.

The updated School Place Planning Strategy therefore provided the evidence base for setting out the policy requirements and mix of uses for the site specific proposal for the Stag Brewery site as part of the Local Plan (a final public consultation on the Local Plan was carried out from 4 January to 15 February 2017).

Our frequently asked questions page has more detail on the need for a secondary school in the east of the borough.

Updated: 5 April 2018