Tree removal and planting

We only consider removing Council trees in certain situations and aim to plant a replacement for every tree that we remove from the borough’s parks and streets.

Tree removal

Trees may be removed if:

  • They pose an unacceptable risk of injury or damage, or cause unacceptable obstruction of the public highway or footpath, which cannot be rectified by pruning or other means.
  • They are proven beyond reasonable doubt to be the cause of significant structural damage.
  • They are causing overpopulation, in which case removal or thinning of trees will be considered.
  • The Council’s arboriculturalists decide a species is inappropriate for its setting.

When the removal of trees is likely to have a significant impact on the landscape, the Council’s arboriculturalists will give advance warning to the local Ward Councillors and the appropriate Cabinet Members.

Tree planting

We aim to plant a replacement for every tree we remove. This may be planted at a different location to the original tree but one that is as close as possible to it. We may also choose a different species, to increase diversity and minimise the effects of specific diseases.

Suggest a location for a tree

We welcome suggestions for new tree locations. If a site is suitable we will aim to plant a tree in the next available planting season, which typically runs from November to March.

We are currently preparing this season's planting and considering suggestions received up to 31 July each year.

You can make a suggestion for us to consider next year by emailing or calling 020 8891 1411.

What happens next

We will research your suggestion in order to assess its suitability as a location.

Updated: 14 March 2016