Dog Control - Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)

Since 16 October 2017, all parks and open spaces are controlled by a Dog Control Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). This order imposes various restrictions to dog control and other activities in our parks and open spaces.

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About the PSPO

The Dog Control PSPO replaces the previous Dog Control Orders and as well as other restrictions, includes a restriction on the number of dogs that can be walked by one person. The maximum number of dogs that can be walked by an individual is now four.

Since October 2017 we granted a grace period where no enforcement of this order has taken place. This grace period will come to an end on 1 October 2018, when we will commence enforcement.

Licence and permit applications

We have agreed to issuing 18 professional dog walking licences, allowing those with a permit to walk six dogs. Residents with more than 4 dogs can also apply for a resident permit to walk up to 6 dogs. Of the 18 available licences, we have issued 11, and  7 licences remain at the following locations:

  • East Sheen - 1
  • Ham Lands - 1
  • Hampton Common – 3
  • Palewell Common - 2

Applications are now open. The closing date is Sunday 28 April 2019.

Issued licences and permits will be valid until Sunday 30 September 2019.

View Apply for a professional dog walking licence for  further information on the application process and the licence fee.

Updated: 2 April 2019