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Allotment locations

There are over 2000 plots on 24 allotment sites in the borough.

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About the plots

The majority of the plots measure approximately 125 square metres, although there are a few smaller plots provided on some of the sites.

All the sites are fitted with communal water taps and generally they are within easy reach of most plots. We do not provide sheds, but sometimes new tenants may be able to negotiate to take over a shed owned by the outgoing tenant.

Renting an allotment does not require any experience or knowledge. They are open to everyone. There are experienced gardeners on most sites who will be happy to support new plot holders. There is also a large range of books available on the subject.

Terms and conditions

Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions(pdf, 145KB).

Changes to terms and conditions - from April 2019

Bonfires are no longer permitted on any Council-run Allotment. This is for the reason of nuisance and effect on air quality which is an issue of increasing local and national health concern.

Any plot holder contravening these conditions will be dealt with via the termination policy.

Allotment strategy 2019 to 2029

View our allotment strategy (pdf, 1MB) which focuses on improving the service over the next ten years.

Updated: 07 November 2019

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