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Cover Story: Dystopia

Here are our librarians' picks:


Liz Hyder

Newt only remembers life down the mine. Having been sold to The Master at such a young age, the sense of claustrophobia, darkness and dread is simply a way of life. But the arrival of a devilish new boy leads to a series of revelations so perhaps not all is as it seems? An unusual dystopian thriller.

ISBN 9781782692430 - Pushkin: 2019 ebook available

Where the World Turns Wild

Nicola Penfold

Juniper and her little brother Bear are special. Most humans who live in their sterile walled city would be killed by the diseases in the natural world outside, but the youngsters are immune.  However this makes them a target for the authorities, who want to experiment on them, so they are forced to leave the city and learn to survive in the wilderness outside the walls. An ecological thriller

ISBN 9781788951524 - Stripes: 2020 ebook available

Updated: 16 November 2020