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What are my chances of getting an offer of accommodation?

It is important to note that we do not own any properties, so any offer of accommodation will be made by a Registered Provider (housing association). 

Prospects for rehousing

Your prospect of being made an offer of social housing is determined by the number of resources forecast to each housing access queue, as well as properties becoming available

The Council only receives around 350 properties from our partner housing associations and over half of the properties we receive for nomination tend to be bedsits/1-bedroom properties. Realistically, the majority of applicants accepted onto the queues are unlikely to be assisted with an offer of accommodation or will have to wait a long time.

Waiting lists

Numbers on our housing waiting list (correct at March 2022)

Types of queues Number
Homeless households 173
General needs queue 4,628
Sheltered queue 261
Other queues (referral) 25
Under-occupier 68
Physical disability queue 19
Total 5,174

At the end of March 2022, the Council nominated to 221 social housing properties. The table below shows the breakdown by bed-size of the properties we nominated to between April 2021 and March 2022.

Bed-size properties nominated

Number of bedrooms Number of properties received for nomination
Bed size/1 bedroom 117*
2 bedrooms ** 81
3 bedrooms *** 20
4 bedrooms 2
5 bedrooms 1

*It includes 17 sheltered properties.

** 3 properties adapted for those households where a person had a physical disability.

*** 1 property adapted for those households where a person had physical disabilities

It is not necessary to contact the Housing Assessment Team or Housing Allocations Team to ask how long an offer will take. We will contact you when we have an available property to offer you.

Updated: 26 July 2022

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