Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Our Rent Deposit Scheme aims to help prevent residents from becoming homeless by offering a guaranteed deposit to landlords, in the event of damage or disrepair to a property.

Who it is for

To qualify for the scheme you must have a local connection and be:

  • Homeless or threatened with homelessness
  • Over 18
  • Likely to be in priority need
  • Able to live independently or with only minimal support
  • Able to demonstrate you can maintain a private sector tenancy
  • Able to demonstrate you can afford the rent for a private sector property, whether through Housing Benefit, Income Support or some other income.

Benefits of the scheme

If you are a Landlord who is interested in letting to tenants claiming housing benefit, this scheme provides a number of benefits:

  • A deposit guarantee to cover any reasonable disrepair which may occur to your property as a result of non-malicious damage by tenants
  • Access to a supply of tenants who have been assessed as homeless by the Council and as such qualify for housing benefit
  • Avoidance of Lettings Agents' fees and worry about where your next tenant will come from

How it works

The Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme can help those who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, to find housing in the private rented sector.

It guarantees the deposit required against any reasonable disrepair which may occur during the period of rental, up to the equivalent of six week's rent.

We will carry out an assessment to see if you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to qualify.

Join the scheme

To find out more and/or to join the scheme, contact us using the contact details below:

View How to rent a safe home (pdf, 1.2 MB), a guide for current a prospective tenants in England.

Updated: 23 July 2019