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Then & Now

Residents can now highlight elements of the built environment that they feel help contribute to the value and character of where they live.

Then & Now is a volunteer-led project to survey Buildings of Townscape Merit, streetscapes, signage and street furniture started by the Environment Trust for Richmond upon Thames to celebrate everyday heritage elements in the borough. Objects could include a vintage sign from a shop long since closed, an ornate bench, boundary wall or street lights.

Then & Now aims to raise awareness of the historic built environment through participation and volunteering, to provide informal heritage education opportunities and to build a publicly accessible database of photographs and information about the sites. See the 'Get involved’ page for more information.

To participate in Then & Now you can volunteer:

  • To survey heritage sites;
  • To do research on the development or social history of heritage sites; or
  • To photograph or sketch heritage sites.

To find out how to get involved, visit the Environment Trust website.

Updated: 10 September 2020

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