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Frequently asked questions about CON29 information

Available information

What information is available?

All the information needed to complete the CON29R enquiry form should be obtained via the client department; this maybe through inspection on site, via the website or provided by direct enquiries to the department.

Please note information may need to be redacted to comply with data protection or other appropriate legislation. A fee may be levied if the request is beyond the scope of Environmental regulations and an extensive written reply or opinion is required.

How do I access information and where is it available from?

The Planning Register, Highways Register and some information can be accessed via Planning Reception free of charge. Other information required of a CON29R can be accessed via the relevant department

How do I access CON29O information and where is it available from?

Information relating to CON29O questions can be accessed via the client department if the need arises. Alternatively the search data can be obtained in an official from via Local Land Charges for a set fee of £13.00 per question.

Updated: 29 December 2016

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