Crime prevention advice

Guidance from the Community Safety Team on how to avoid becoming a victim of crime.


Home security

The Metropolitan Police website offers advice and helpful steps you can take to protect your property.

Alley gating

Alleyways can offer burglars easy access to back gardens and may attract litter or anti-social behaviour. This police guidance(pdf, 398KB) explains how neighbours can work together to gate their alley. This case study(pdf, 197KB) describes how local residents gated a problem alley in Whitton.

Advice leaflets

Personal property

Cycle theft

Over 600 cycles are being stolen each year in the borough, mainly in Richmond and Twickenham town centres.

Find out more about the steps you can take to prevent cycle theft.

Security marking

If you want to receive advice about crime prevention or get your bike or mobile phone security marked please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Police Team.

Advice leaflets

Fraud and bogus callers

Doorstop safety

Bogus callers are criminals who use a false pretext to call at your door with the aim of stealing from you. They may pose as utility workers with false IDs or as someone in trouble needing your help. Find out advice for dealing with doorstep callers.

Junk mail

Find out the steps you can take to reduce the amount of unwanted mail that comes through your door.

Advice leaflets

Seasonal advice

Advice leaflets

Updated: 27 February 2018