Hate crime and hate-related incidents

Find out more about what hate crime is and how to report it if you are a victim.

Report a hate crime

What is a hate crime or hate-related incident?

Crimes such as assault and causing damage, harassment, anti-social behaviour, bullying and other incidents can all fall into this category if they are motivated by or aggravated by hatred or hostility based on age, disability, gender (including transgender), race or ethnicity, religion, faith or sexual orientation.

For the purposes of initial reports, a crime or other incident is treated as being motivated or aggravated by hate or hostility if it is perceived to be by the victim or any other person.

How to report hate crime


Use our online form to report incidents of anti-social behaviour and hate crime against you or someone you know.

The report will go to the Community Safety Team who will contact you within two working days to decide what steps to take next. If you do not wish to be contacted you can choose to remain anonymous when completing the form.

To the Police

Using third party reporting system: Stop Hate UK

If you do not wish to report the crime or other incident to the police, you can use a third party reporting system.

These third parties can take details of the crime or incident and provide advice, guidance and support to the victim. If you do not wish them to do so, they will not pass your details on to the police.

Stop Hate UK is the main third party reporting system available to victims of hate crime in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

Call their 24 hour Stop Hate Line on 0800 138 1625 or report hate crimes and other incidents via the Stop Hate UK website.

Other organisations

Please see the list of available sources of support(pdf, 62KB)

Domestic Abuse and Hate Crime Coordinator

The Domestic Abuse and Hate Crime Coordinator within the Community Safety Partnership can also provide advice, guidance and support if you are the victim of a hate crime or other hate-related incident.

Email: HateCrime@richmond.gov.uk

Updated: 7 November 2017