Youth Police Liaison Group (YPLG)

What is a Youth Police Liaison Group (YPLG)?

It is a group that brings the young people of a ward or a specific area together with officers from their Safer Neighbourhood Team.

YPLGs come under the umbrella of the Safer Neighbourhood Board.

Why were they set up?

Most young people find meetings boring and it was agreed that going out to speak to them might be a way of engaging them.

YPLGs were set up to give young people living or attending school in the borough the chance to “have their say” on crime and policing issues that concern them. It is also an opportunity for people to come and speak to them about current issues such as stop and search or knife crime. They meet as often or as little as suits those young people and the officers concerned to discuss and find solutions to the various concerns and problems of the area.

There is deliberately no 'set' agenda although guidance might be given around topical issues.

YPLGs are not party political, they are there to represent the whole community.

Some of the YPLGs are linked to Secondary Schools, others are ward or Youth Centre based and some are formed of a number of wards coming together. It is hoped that in time these will be set up in all 18 wards.

More information

For more information about the Youth Police Liaison Groups and to find out if one exists in your area, contact your local Police Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Updated: 29 June 2017