Datalink canisters

Datalink canisters provide reassurance that essential information can be made readily available to the emergency services and care agencies, if you suffer an accident or sudden illness in your home that leaves you unconscious or seriously confused.

Image of datalink cannister

How the scheme works

The Datalink scheme ensures that vital personal data is easily accessible not only to identify you but also to advise of relevant illness, allergies and medication, along with contact details of a next of kin, neighbour or friend.

A small clearly labelled, waterproof plastic container is kept in the door of the household fridge. A folded information sheet inside the container provides medical and personal details and a photograph relating to the occupier.

The fridge has been selected because it is the single most common, easy to find item in the average home.

To indicate the presence of this information a matching label (green cross) is fixed to the outside of the fridge door and a further label fixed above the lock on the inside of the main access door to the property.

How to get a datalink canister

Canisters are issued on request to anyone in the Borough and are free of charge.

To obtain one (or more) please telephone 101 and ask for Teddington Police Station. Alternatively, visit the station between 10am - 5pm (Monday - Friday) or 11am - 2pm (Saturday).

Teddington Police Station
18 Park Road
TW11 0AQ

Updated: 10 May 2017