Business continuity

London Prepared

Free business continuity advice

The Council is pleased to offer free business continuity resources to local businesses and voluntary organisations. These resources have been developed by a consortium of Local Authority experts working in partnership with organisations such as businesses, charities, the emergency services, utility providers and central government.

Simply follow the link below to access the materials. They are hosted on the London Prepared website on behalf of London’s 33 Local Authorities.

Simple to use

Start off by completing the ’10 minute checklist’ on the London Prepared website. This will help you assess how prepared your business is. Next, select from the resources available to make your business more prepared.

What is available?

On the London Prepared website you will find the following resources:

  • A simple risk assessment diagram
  • Business Impact Analysis Matrix  
  • Critical Success factors in a crisis
  • Detailed Business Continuity plan components
  • Emergency pack
  • Essential and useful items
  • Software and Hardware Inventory lists
  • Staff Contact Tree
  • Threat Vulnerability Matrix
  • 'To do' instructions immediately after an incident
  • 'To do' instructions after the first hour after an incident
  • Traditional types of BCP rehearsals

To start, please visit the London Prepared business continuity website.

Updated: 15 December 2017