Youth Scrutiny Panel

The Youth Scrutiny Panel is a group of young people from across the borough who are committed to finding solutions for issues that are important to their peers.

About the panel

We are looking for a group of young people to join the Youth Scrutiny Panel through their school. The Panel will investigate issues important to young people such as mental health and obesity.

Each member will be trained in how to scrutinise, gather evidence and call external representatives, such as teachers and the police to give evidence.

At the end of the Panel’s research, they will make recommendations for actions or improvements in a report to our Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

We expect the Panel to have up to 12 members, aged from 13 to 17 years.

Previous panels

The Youth Scrutiny Panel of 2014 was selected from schools across Richmond. Their investigation looked at careers guidance in schools and saw the Panel hear evidence from students and headteachers, send questionnaires to young people, and present and submit a report with recommendations on improving careers guidance, to the Council’s Scrutiny Committee.


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Updated: 13 February 2018