Capital Strategy Group

The Capital Strategy Group has replaced the Asset Management Plan (AMP) Working Party and the Chairman of the Group is Cllr Paul Hodgins. The group meets at least once a term.


The main purpose of the group is:

  • To review and update the education asset management plan;
  • To consider how priorities are identified in line with national aims and Department for Education (DfE) priorities; and
  • To determine the projects for inclusion in the building development programmes in accordance with the priorities outlined in the AMP, in line with the local policy statement objectives.


Membership of the group consists of three elected members (two from the majority party, one from the minority party), two primary and special headteachers, one secondary headteacher (with second named as permanent alternate), two governors and one diocesan board representative.

Previous Capital Strategy Group meeting minutes

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Updated: 28 May 2014