Personal Information Policy and validity of information given

Terms and conditions for applying online for a school place for your child.


The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames (the “Council”) respects your privacy rights and is committed to ensuring that it protects your details, the information about your dealings with the Council and other information about you available to the Council (“your information”).

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, the Council will use your information, for the purpose of processing your application for a school place, to: (a) deal with your requests and administer its departmental functions; (b) meet its statutory obligations; and (c) prevent and detect fraud.

The Council may share your information (but only the minimum amount of information necessary to do the above and only where it is lawful to do so) with other departments within the Council (including the elected members), the School Nursing Service, central government departments, law enforcement agencies, statutory and judicial bodies, community services providers and contractors that process data on its behalf.

The Council may also use and disclose information, that does not identify individuals, for research and strategic development purposes.

In the case of any application that you make, it will be assumed that the information that you give is true to the best of your knowledge and belief and that you understand that if you give any false or deliberately misleading information, or deliberately withhold any relevant information, on the online application form and/or supporting papers, your application may be invalid and could lead to the withdrawal of an offer of a school place.

Updated: 22 September 2020