Confirm admission appeal attendance

Use this form to confirm whether you are attending your child's scheduled admissions appeal hearing, or whether you wish to cancel it.

Before you start

Please note, you must only complete this form once you have received a letter confirming the date and time of your child's appeal.

If you have not completed an admission appeal form, visit our school admission appeals page for further guidance.

What happens next

Cancelling your appeal

If you choose to cancel your appeal, it will be withdrawn and not heard by the Panel. This does not affect your position on the waiting list.

Hearing an appeal in your absence

If you choose to have your child’s appeal heard in your absence, the appeal will be decided on the basis of your written submissions. You will be notified of the decision in writing shortly after the appeal.

Submitting additional information

You may submit additional information for your appeal up to 5 school days before the hearing. Any evidence submitted after this deadline might not be considered by the Panel. You are therefore strongly advised to supply any additional information at least 5 school days before your hearing.

For more information about admissions appeals, contact or call 020 8891 7183.

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Updated: 26 February 2018