What to do if we don’t agree

Sometimes, we (the local education authority) will decide not to carry out a statutory assessment for your child, or you might not agree with some of what is written in the statement. If this happens, you can usually sort this out by talking to someone.

If we are preparing a statement, we will send you a proposed statement first. This is the best time to discuss your concerns and we may change things before issuing the final statement (follow this link for more information: Statutory assessment: the final statement).

Remember that the statement summarises all the reports, so it cannot include every detail and every example. There must be evidence for everything in the statement.

If you are not happy with an outcome, contact the special educational needs (SEN) section first. An SEN case officer will be responsible for your child’s school. The letter telling you our decision gives their phone number. The SEN case officer will explain the reasons for the decision.

You can also discuss the decision or proposed statement with the SEN co-ordinator or head teacher at your child’s school.

Other ways to sort out your disagreement

  • You can contact a senior officer of the SEN section. Your child’s SEN case officer will arrange a meeting. You can help by writing down the points you are concerned about.
  • You can contact the parent partnership worker on 020 8831 6179 (follow this link for more information: Parent Partnership Service). The parent partnership worker can give you help and advice on procedures and explain the support available to your child. She can explore options with you and arrange meetings between the school and ourselves to negotiate any issues. She can also come to meetings with you.
  • If you still disagree, you can contact the Disagreement Resolution Service. This is an independent mediation service which is free to parents. If you use the Disagreement Resolution Service, you still have a right of appeal to the tribunal. Phone 020 7837 2900.
  • You can also appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal. However, it is helpful if between us, we can sort out at least some of the issues through discussion. The tribunal helpline is 01325 392 555.


If your child has special educational needs and we decide that they do not qualify for transport, you can appeal against this decision. You must write to the Pupil Awards and Student Support Appeals Panel at 42 York Street, Twickenham, TW1 3BW

The panel meets once a term, and includes councillors and parent governors. They will consider your reasons very carefully and make a decision. We must follow the decision of the appeals panel. You can also use the Disagreement Resolution Service.

Updated: 9 May 2017