Children's home - Proposal

It is proposed to build the new children’s home at 105 Queen’s Road in Teddington. This is the site of a bungalow which until recently was owned by Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP). It has been empty for several years, and is in a bad condition.

About the new home

It is proposed to build a new property on the site. This will involve a planning application which would be submitted later this year.

Subject to permissions (including Planning) it is hoped that the home would open in 2019.

The new property will have six bedrooms - bedrooms for five children and one room for staff accommodation.

Decision making process

An initial report was submitted to Cabinet in November 2016 proposing to build the home elsewhere in the borough. However, following further feasibility work, this location will not deliver the home in time, and on 20 July, Cabinet considered new proposals for the Queen’s Road site.

A decision was not made at the meeting. It was deferred to the Cabinet Member for Children and Young People (Cllr Susan Chappell and the Cabinet Member for Environment, Business and Community (Cllr Pamela Fleming) following engagement with the community.

Following this, a decision has now been made. Further details can be found in the public report.

Updated: 10 October 2017