Children's home - planning

The planning application has now been submitted. Comments are invited.

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Access and parking

Access and parking will be considered as a standard part of the planning process. Other topics to be considered as part of the planning process include traffic, travel planning, siting and design, impact on residential amenities (such as privacy, light, noise, and visual impact); trees.

Village Planning

The Village Planning SPD for Teddington focuses on the character and vision for the local area. It only identifies in the section on ‘Development Guidance’ the site allocations being proposed in the Local Plan. These are the key sites in the borough that are needed to deliver future ‘needs’ e.g. employment / retail or social infrastructure. A single household property, or a site of limited scale, would not be identified within the Plan.
However, during the Planning Process, the design of any proposed building would be expected to take into account the character of the local area as set out in the SPD.

Updated: 6 December 2017