Community engagement

Aside from through the Planning process, there is currently no statutory obligation for the Council to consult with the community. Prior to the submission of a planning application, the Council has committed to carrying out engagement with the community.

The decision

Communication and engagement

On 12 July, eleven properties received a hand delivered letter notifying them of the proposal to be considered by Cabinet on 20 July. It invited residents to the meeting on 24 July to receive more information, ask questions, and share views.

The 11 properties were selected due to their proximity to 105 Queen’s Road, either because they had a shared boundary (five properties) or they are one of five properties on either side of 105 Queen’s Road. These properties were prioritised for this informal public engagement meeting over properties for example in other streets due to their proximity to the proposed site.

It is, and always has been, the intention to involve more than these 11 properties in the informal public engagement on the proposal, and we were comfortable for this process to be accelerated via the expansion of the meeting on 24 July.

Both the meeting on the 24 July and subsequent events are in addition to the statutory planning consultation that will occur if the proposal progresses following Cabinet’s delegation of the decision to Lead Members.

Residents' concerns

At the meeting, residents raised concerns about the proposals, particularly regarding the behaviour of the children who would live at the home and how they will fit into the local community. We have tried to answer any questions raised on these pages, and information will be added as the proposal progresses.

Information session

We held a second information session on Monday 11 September at St John’s Ambulance Hall in Teddington. Officers and members attended and presented all the information displayed on the website and more information about children looked after.

Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

View the exhibition boards (pdf, 940 KB)


Following a review of all the feedback over the engagement period, the Cabinet Member for Environment, Business and Community has made a decision on the Children’s Home. Please see the public report for further information. The proposal has now been submitted to the Planning Committee. You can view the planning application and make a comment.

Updated: 5 December 2017