Children's home - Background

Currently there are around 120 children from Richmond upon Thames in the care of the Council. That means that we are the ‘Corporate Parent’ and are responsible for their safety and wellbeing.  

Foster care

Children enter the foster care system for several reasons. Sadly, some have been victims of physical or sexual abuse, neglect, medical neglect, abandonment, or have suffered the death of a family member.

We are able to find suitable foster families in the local community for many children in our care. However, fostering is not appropriate for some young people. For those children, we look at children’s home placements.

Children's homes

Currently there are no children’s homes in the borough. This means that children are placed out of borough – sometimes as far afield as Cumbria. They are separated from their family, friends and have to move school, causing further disruption in their lives.

We believe that this is not in the best interests of many of the children and staying in the community they are familiar with will help them rebuild their lives.

Our responsibility

Every member and employee of the local authority has the statutory responsibility to act as a ‘Corporate Parent’ for these children. Acting in the same way that a good parent would act.

We have a moral and legal responsibility to enable the children in our care to experience happy and fulfilling lives. Every good parent wants the best for their child, to enable them to be healthy, happy, do well at school, and to enjoy good relationships with others.

Like all parents, we want our children to enjoy leisure activities, have hobbies and interests, and to grow towards adulthood equipped to lead independent and successful lives.

Updated: 8 August 2017